Kikki K Stationery Haul


Hello! Recently I purchased a whole heap of different stationery items from Kikki k and I love them all so I thought it would be a great idea to share them with you!
Fruit print notepad
I love the super cute fruit print on the front. there is different adorable print on each page which makes this notepad even more special than the others.


Watermelon and Lemon dish duo $9.95
OMG! I fell in love the second I saw these cute and amazing dishes, they are currently placed on my bed side table and desk and are absolutely perfect for holding cute little bits and pieces around my room. 


Thankful journal $18.95 
this is a thankful journal, each night before you go to sleep or each morning you wake up you can write 1, 2 or 3 things you are grateful for in life. I also own a reflection journal that lets you reflect on your day and life. I absolutely love this idea but I also love the cute blue & grey print and the rose gold writing are very pretty touches!


Rose gold and blue printed notepad $14.95 
This adorable notebook is again like the fun fruit print notebook I mentioned about before, it flips up and is perfect for writing study notes, dreams, to do lists and blog posts ;) 


to do list   $9.95
This to do list has different components to it which is what makes it unique and special. I love fruity fun and colourful print which gives me even more reason to write down the things I have to do! 


Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it. next time you are passing Kikki K without hesitation have a look through, there is bound to be something you like (I particularly love their pens!) 
make sure to leave a comment of any posts you would like me to do or leave me a comment on my Instagram page @luellatweenblog (its a new account so go and check it out!)
thanks again bye!
Luella Tween x

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