1 Year of Luella Q + A


It has officially been 1 year of Luella Teen!! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all my readers and supporters, you have all made this experience so worthwhile! :) I year ago today, I created my first blog + wrote and published my first blog post! I have honestly enjoyed every experience and have learnt so much from doing something I thought was so small to creating something I love – my first blog!

So, in todays post I wanted to share with you some of the questions I get asked quite often through emails and over on Instagram. So I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to answer some of your questions, also please feel free to ask me anything by leaving a comment down below or emailing me at luellateen@gmail.com! Hope you enjoy! 

What inspired you to create a blog?
I do not in any way consider myself a writer however I love reading other bloggers, so they inspired me to create my own blog and turns out I really love it! 

Why did you use the name Luella? 
So when I started the blog, my sister and I were the original ‘writers’ so when it came round to deciding a name for our blog at the time, we decided upon Luella as we had been called this our whole lives, when we were together! But after a while the blog somehow became mine, so because I love the name, I decided to keep it!  

What are some things you would like to achieve in 2017?
 I would love to focus more on creating creative and interesting content on my blog, things that you would love to see! So don’t forget to leave a comment below on some post’s you would like to see in 2017! 

Where are you from? 
Brisbane, Australia however when I get older I would love to move to New York City! 

What are some tips you would give to others wanting to start a blog? 
My biggest tip is to start a blog because you LOVE it! There is no point investing so much time and effort into something you don’t enjoy doing. I love designing and taking photos and with the drafting as well there are many other aspects and stages involved in creating new blog posts! I did not realise how much effort was involved in drafting and creating new blog posts every week, on top of everything else! But I still love it!

Thank you for reading 

See you next week 

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