Incredible Homemade Lemonade!


Last time I wrote a food/drink related posts you all seemed to love it! So I decided to create a simple yet delicious drink recipe perfect for those hot summer days! The lemonade tastes absolutely nothing like the store bought lemonade, it is honestly incredible and super easy to make!
Hope you enjoy!

2 – 3 lemons (I used 3 small lemons and it was perfect!)
Around 1 litre of water (chilled is best!)
100g of Sugar (I used 75g and that was just enough to even out the tartness of the lemons + you can use raw sugar as well!)

      1.     Cut your lemons into half (leave them unpeeled!) and place them in your blender along with 500ml of water and your sugar, then blend on high speed for 2 – 5 seconds (I used my Thermomix on speed 10 for 2 seconds)
2.     Add your remaining 500ml of water to your lemonade mixture.
          3.     Then strain your mixture using a strainer into your jug to remove all the lemon skin + pips in the mixture!
4.     Enjoy with some Ice!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks post  

See you next week! 

Luella x 

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