January 2017 + Highlights of 2016


It is officially 2017! What a year! To be honest 2016 definitely came with its ups and downs for most of us but I am a little upset to say goodbye to such a happy, memorable year (for me)! Although within a few months from today I will probably forget all my new year's resolutions, I still love the fact that this is a fresh start and a great way to break bad habits and develop new good ones!

Every New year I love to reflect on some of my favourite memories of 2016, so here are my top 7 (btw they are in no particular order)!

1.Went to New York + Washington, D.C and Canada (Vancouver and Whistler)! We have done soooo much travelling this year and by far this was the trip of a lifetime! I without a doubt will have a blog post shortly and we are already planning to come back! 

       2. I officially became an American citizen! This has been planned for many years now and although we have no plans to move to the U.S., who knows what the future holds!

3. I started my own blog! Although I still don’t really know what I am doing, I can't wait to get more creative and more adventurous next year on my blog.

4. I went to Queenstown! This was my 2nd time in NZ (and Queenstown) and I can`t tell you how much I love it! I love the fact it is so close to Australia, yet such a different country, I also tried skiing for the first time and absolutely loved it, definitely going to continue in the future. 

5. I went to Cambodia! Cambodia is such a diverse and interesting place and I had an amazing time! Don't worry, many travel posts to come in the new year.

6. I turned 13! 
7I formed a sooo many new, special friendships this year!  

Thank you, everyone for your continuous support this year! Happy New year and let's make 2017 a good one! ;) 

p.s. I also have a January 2017 calendar, however, I had so much trouble uploading it. If you would like a free downloaded copy, feel free to email me - luellateen@gmail.com! ;)

Bella x 

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