Lazy Sunday Morning Routine 2017


Some of my favourite blog posts and videos to watch are morning routines, not quite sure why, just watching and reading them makes me feel more organised ;) So today I wanted to share with you my morning routine for a lazy Sunday morning! Hope you enjoy!  

So depending on how I feel,  I generally I wake up anywhere between 7 - 8 am on the weekend, and during the week I wake up anywhere between 6:15 - 6:45 for school, so this is generally considered a small sleep in. I usually wake up naturally, but depending on what I have on and whether I need to get out of bed earlier, depends on if I need to set an alarm or not. I usually spend a little time reading other bloggers blog posts, scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and sometimes Pintrest, and then finally checking all my snapchats! 

8:00 am - 
So now I get out of bed and make myself some breakfast, usually some avocado on toast with cottage cheese or goats milk feta. On a more rarer occasion I make some pancakes (I have a blog post recipe here). I also may have a coffee, depending on how I feel, but on this morning I just had a glass of the 'nudie' orange juice. Delicious! 

9:00 am - Swim! 

During Summer, without a doubt, you will find me here, relaxing by the pool, I find it such a refreshing and lovely way to start your morning!

9:30 am - Skincare Time!
The last phase of my morning, my daily skincare rituals!

Recently Priceline sent me some lovely goodies, and they have made such a difference to my skin! During the warmer months my skin get really dry, so using these products enhances more moisture without being too tough on younger, growing skin. The Girl Lane range is perfect for tweens + teens, made with natural ingredients, that are perfectly formulated for our growing skin. 

I am also a massive fan of The Body Shop, skincare products, they are very affordable, and like Girl Lane, great for your skin. My favourite is the aloe soothing day cream, as I have been exposed to quite a bit of sun lately, this has been perfect, nourishing my skin and enhancing moisture, as well as keeping my skin soft and silky. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and let me know some of your favourite morning routine rituals in the comments down below. 

See you next week!

Luella Teen x

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